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Take control of the Snack Attack

"Snacking is never an issue for me." -Said No One EVER!!!!

I have gotten pretty good and planning my meals and having healthy choices I feel good about eating. But snacking?

In David Cutler, Edward Glaeser, and Jesse Shapiro’s 2003 study titled “Why Have Americans Become More Obese?,” the researchers concluded that America’s increased calorie intake isn’t happening at mealtimes—it’s happening when we snack. Vox writes, “What [the data] shows is that pretty much all of America’s increased calorie consumption between the late-1970s and the mid-1990s came from increased snacking.”

Oh, geez! That's a startling statistic! From the time they could walk I would tell my girls to eat when they are hungry, just eat plants. Great advice. I hope they take it because I know I don't always succeed in following my own advice. So, where is the knowing-doing gap?

  1. Plan ahead. When you are doing some meal prep and planning, add some healthy snacks into the repertoire! Decide how many treat snacks you want to keep around.

  2. Salty/sweet. Do you crave salty or sweet at snack time? Nuts are a great option for salty snacks and won't load you up on empty calories. If sweet is your thing, try dried fruit, dark chocolate (the higher the percentage, the better)

  3. Watch those beverages. Whether it is a soda, coffee with cream and sugar or an adult beverage, drinks can really add up the empty calories we just don't need. Decide in the morning how many non-water beverages you want to give yourself and then keep the promise to yourself.

  4. Skip things with an ingredient list. Processed foods are usually way higher in calories and not the good ones for fueling our bodies. Try to pick snacks that are just what they are: whole food just like it grew on the plant.

  5. Get a buddy. I can justify anything to myself. But if I grab a buddy and we tackle something together, I'm going to show up for my friend, and therefore myself. Don't go it alone! Get a crew.


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