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Slow Cooker Vegetable Lasagna

With a sometimes vegetarian in the house I'm always on the look out for meat-less recipes that pack in a lot of veggies. So when I came across this recipe from Sarah Newman, I just had to try it.

I confess, I used regular lasagna noodles instead of the gluten free nad used Ricotta instead of the Cashew Basil Cheese the recipe calls for. I've done nut cheeses and they work, but I was looking for something that is time and money economical too as well as nutritious. Shhh...Don't tell my family there is eggplant in the recipe. They ate it, and loved it. The verdict: This recipe is GREAT! And it makes like 8 or more servings so we froze a couple containers and have been noshing on them ever since. Do note: the cook time is under 4 hours so this isn't a crock pot recipe you can start before you leave for work in the morning. You could prep it all and run home at lunch and start the crockpot or this would make a great Saturday option and you'd have several meals left for the weeks ahead.


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