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Surprises fromLabel Reading

What's in it matters more than what's on it.

I bought a jar of pickled beets at Aldi over the weekend. I was looking to get some fermented foods that would support liver function. Since it was Aldi and since it was beets, I broke one of my own rules: ALWAYS READ THE LABEL. So you can probably guess what happened. I got it home, read the label (out of habit) as I was putting it away. Second ingredient: high fructose corn syrup. I was so disappointed. I mean here I am trying to buy something good for my body and I end up with one of the top 5 'deadly' food ingredients. So frustrating. It doesn't just happen to me. I mean, it's a big part of why I am so passionate about helping people eat better & feel better. So many of us are trying to do good things. And who has time to be an expert in all the things?!?! So we buy something because the front of the packaging reads healthy, when in fact, it has a bunch of ingredients that aren't doing our bodies good. So today's tip: BE A LABEL READER. Take the 5 seconds to flip it over and read the ingredients lists. Next week we will talk about the top things to look for on the label. Until then, happy reading!


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