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How to garden year round

Nothing tastes quite like the liquid sunshine of a vine ripened garden grown tomato. Nothing has quite the crunch or freshness of lettuce picked just minutes ago. But can we only enjoy those things in the height of summer growing season? I say, No!

I got my first aeroponic garden in the late summer of 2013. Sure the first batch of seedlings got fried when the tray cover got shut in the heat of the day. I mean, baked them to a crisp. No worries, I just restarted the seeds and within 4 weeks I was picking and eating lettuce, spinach, chard, and kale. I didn't even like most of that stuff, but its fun to grow and turns out, is much more enjoyable fresh.

Then comes winter. That first year, I disassembled, cleaned and stored for spring. By the next fall I was determined to get lights and grow inside! Would you believe, it really works!!!! I felt like a giggly school girl picking lettuce in my house when there was snow on the ground outside!

Who doesn't love simple, easy and fun! I mean, I really am a lazy gardener, but we are all busy, right? Who has time for one more thing? That's why I love this! What would your family want to grow? Leave some ideas in the comments!


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