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Help your Family Bounce Back

Everyone Struggles to eat enough fruits and vegetables. In fact, this is the first generation of kids predicted to have a shorter life expectancy than their parents. The two biggest factors are obesity and mental health. Both of these can be helped with diet and lifestyle. Healthy habits don't have to be complicated or time consuming. Forkfighter is here to help.

We've had a lot happen in the world in the last 2 years. It would be nice to get back to "normal". The truth is the world is going to keep spinning and hard things will keep happening. So instead of trying to eliminate stress, we can build resilience so that we can bounce back up when life tries to knock us down.

That's why I created the Resilient Families Assessment. Find you which health areas you might be weakest in and then get simple strategies to start improving. You'll also get a habit tracker to keep you moving in the right direction.


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