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All Wheat is not the same

At mid-40, the things that kept me trim are needing some tweaks. For years I've been coached that wheat is inflammatory to the human body. And I try to stay away, but honestly: I love bread! Store bought gluten free breads are hardly worth eating in my opinion. (leave a comment if you have one you love!) Hubby used to tease me and say, "how can wheat be bad? Jesus ate wheat." Well, he is right and wrong. Yes the wheat from biblical times was a perfect balance of carbs, fiber and protein. Yes, you read that right, protein! The modern wheat we find commercially available is 0 protein, low fiber (processed) and high gluten. But who has time to grow their own wheat? I hearing strains from the children's book little read hen.

A couple years ago I learned about einkorn wheat. The only non-hybridized wheat we have left. I bought some but wasn't intentional about how to use it. Then my friend Rebecca Austin reminded me of the benefits of einkorn and I got over waiting for my teenager to make bread and whipped up this batch last week.

I used a honey bread recipe from Betty Crocker and it took F o r e v e r for the walls of the bowl to come clean. I mean I bet I added at least another cup of einkorn flour before they started to clean and ultimately just gave up because I was sure the dough would be over worked. Baking is an art and a science. Trial and error. The good news is: I ate bread at the end of the day and have a loaf in the freezer.

I have fond memories of eating sandwiches on Saturdays with my dad after a morning of chores. So this was an especially sweet treat, a Dagwood of a sandwich and no bloating or over full feeling afterward. I was full for hours! that's what good food does in the body.

If you're curious about what next step of health you are ready to try, grab the FREE Resilient Families Assessment to find out where you are and what habit you're ready for. I'm excited that I can eat bread AND do good things for my gut health. Taking healthy back, one forkfull at a time!


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