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Are you still doing that?

People change jobs. Statistics when I graduated college were something like 5 jobs in the first 10 years. Well, I must be unusual, I have only had 2 jobs since graduation,(ahem) more than a decade ago.

Some people are stuck in jobs that drain their emotions and their energy. Some people are shackled to a paycheck that they love in a job they hate. Others are working 60-80 hours a week and missing out on precious time with their families.

I knew I wanted a career. I also knew I didn't want that career to come before my family. So when my friend told me that someone put fruits and veggies in a capsule and I could earn income by helping other people get healthy I as more than a little intrigued. And yes, I was skeptical I would get sucked into, "One of THOSE!". So if that's you, keep reading. You are safe and you don't have to drink the kool-aid.

So yes, I love what I do. I love that my calendar reflects my priorities. I get to be at my kids stuff and I have the freedom to travel with them on school breaks. I don't have to ask permission to take off work. I get to choose my co-workers. And I get to be a part of a mission that makes my heart sing! Seeing people transform their health is just the best feeling in the world.

I have no idea, but maybe

you are reading this because you have been thinking about a change. We can have a no pressure conversation and just explore what it might look like. Wouldn't it at least be worth it to "kick the tires"?

Simply complete the Contact info and we will find a time to chat briefly.

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