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Healthy Hot Chocolate

My kids look forward to snow days. Not just for the possibility of school being cancelled but because after they go play in the snow, we enjoy a cup of hot cocoa together. These fun childhood memories are worth a dose of sugar in my opinion. And what we do once in a while is far less important than what we do on a regular basis.

Don't want to wait for the elusive snow day to enjoy this nostalgic treat? Check out this recipe for guilt-free hot chocolate.

Not only is it guilt-free, but it is doing really good things in your body! Full of 15+ fruit and veggie powders, I love knowing I am getting plant sources of B and D vitamins and much, much more.

If you love recipes like this, ask me about our 10 day Shred! Its a great way to jumpstart those health changes you've been meaning to make. Its so safe, your kids can do it too!

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