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Sniffles and Sneezes

It's that time of year again! The season all mom's and teachers dread. Cold and flu season. It's no mystery that it coincides with the beginning of the sugar holidays that run from Halloween right through Valentine's day.

While maybe you are ready to be the mom that bans trick-or-treating, or skips the annual tradition of Christmas cookies, I tend to be more middle of the road on this one. For us, when whole food groups become "bad" it can give some negative attitudes toward food and body image. So I like to try to maintain an 80/20 balance. If 80% of what we eat is plants, the other 20% cannot matter.

Well, that's great news that food can do all that, but is my family really going to eat that every day? No!

So in this video I explain what we did:

I am so grateful my friend told me somebody figured out how to put fruits and veggies in a capsule and chewable! Talk about making mom life easier! My kids eat them everyday and we've only had 1 round of antibiotic between the 2 kids in 12 years!

It gives me confidence knowing this is what is happening in our bodies as tested scientifically. Not just a wives tale or urban legend. Actual facts.

Want to know more? Let's chat and see what solutions your family is looking for. Healthy happy kids are a mom's goal. We can do this together and it can be fun and easy! Simply reach out by phone, email or facebook. Wishing you many healthy days this holiday season!

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