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How to Make Over the Kids' Lunch

Growing up I was very lucky to have a mom that made my lunch every day. Sure there was a time I was embarrassed of my brown bag lunch, but given the food I saw in the hot lunch line, I was mostly very grateful for the food from home. No mystery meat in my brown bag.

So, as my kids went off to school I was determined to load their little back packs with homemade treasures as well. And they get sick of the same ol', same ol'. And how many options are there really for variety? Apple, sandwich, chips, and a drink. Is that all there is?

Here are some tips and strategies I use to make sure my kids are getting a well-balanced lunch. And some tips to include them in the process so mom is less stressed and kids eat more of what is packed.

Download the Healthy Kids guide and get your kids packing their lunches too!

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