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3 Steps to Having a Great Day

I am a morning person. I remember waking as a little kid and playing happily by my self until the sun came up and the rest of the family woke. I do my best work before lunch. We are not all wired the same way.

As many authors and researchers have learned how we start our day has a big impact on the rest of the day. Wake up, hit the ground running, barely have time for 2 sips of coffee and a pair of mis-matched shoes and we are off to a day filled with emergencies and crisis.

So many people have stated that when they took control of their morning routines and added in some "me" time, the trajectory of the rest of the day changed drastically.

Here is a little more about how my mornings go. Remember: no day is perfect and rarely are 2 days the same. Something is better than nothing.

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