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Noodle-free Pad Thai

If you know me, you know I love Asian cuisine. Let's face it, if it has origins in the band between Japan and Spain, I'm going to want to eat it! So when I saw this new recipe for noodle-free pad thai, I was leery. I mean Pad Thai is already gluten-free. Why are we messing with a good thing? Add to that my dislike of red cabbage and I am not sure why I made this recipe at all.

However, I trusted my source and bought the ingredients. Doesn't it just look beautiful in the pan?

So I did make one substitution. This recipe calls for tofu. Now I eat tofu, but my family has yet to embrace it. I get all our meat from a local farmer. (Check out Middleton's All Natural Meats) I followed the same instructions for seasoning the tofu then just cooked it in a separate fry pan. Next time I will drain the chicken before I add it to the veggies. The sauce was a little watery.

The whole family loved it! Even hubby who isn't a huge fan of Thai foods. And I have been eating left overs the rest of the week. Want to recipe? Click here and I'll message you!

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