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Sick of hearing, "Eat This, Not That"?

Don't eat fruit, it has too much sugar. Eat more protein. Drink bullet coffee. Coffee is acidic and causes problems. S.T.O.P.!!!!

It's overwhelming! One day bananas are good for me, the next day its the one food I should never eat again. Thank goodness I don't have to believe everything on the internet!

I believe healthy living is simple. He (or she) who eats the most plants wins. That simple. The other stuff will work itself out. Balance not perfection.

That's why I love my fruit and veggie capsules and drink mix. It takes the guess work out and I can feel confident I am getting what I need everyday. It's not a substitute, its a catalyst.

If you're ready for a change like I was to feel amazing, wake up with no aches and pains, then maybe joining our next 10 day Shred is the next right step for you. It sure made a big difference for me! What's a SHRED10?

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