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Don't SPAM your Friends!

I think we have all gotten a spammy private message from a long lost facebook friend telling us about their new business or product and how we will be totally missing out if we don't get involved. YUCK!!!

Find out how to work from home, recommend a cutting edge, no-nonsence product and company without spamming your friends! Learn how to put people first.

I love that I have gotten to partner over the last 20 years with a company and a team that puts people first. Relationships matter. And if we are really hear to change peoples lives, then we have to be helping, not dictating what their solution is. We get to be a friend first, listen well, ask good questions, and offer solutions ONLY when it is a good fit.

Our economy is becoming a gig economy. Most people have second jobs, a side gig or multiple income streams. Wouldn't you like that to be something that makes a difference. More than just delivering pizzas or a driving service?

You can do this. And you don't have to bug your friends. I can show you how. Message me and we will start a conversation.

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