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Eczema sucks and what I did about it

Nine years ago, I developed a red rash on my wedding ring finger that itched like crazy. I stopped wearing my rings thinking it would clear up. This would cycle for several years, stress went up, skin flaired up, stopped wearing rings, stress went back down, skin cleared, I thought I could wear them again.

Then about 2 years ago, it really got bad. Red bumps all over both palms and between my fingers that would itch so much I was in tears. The bumps would erupt, seep, crack, then dry up and layers of skin would peel. All the while, itching like crazy. Something had to be done.

First I saw my primary care physician. He prescribed steriod cream and referred me to the dermatologist. She took a skin sample and after a month determined it was dyshydrodic eczema. After some google searches this meant my skin wouldn't maintain its own moisture level and would swing between too dry (flaking & cracking) to too wet (red bumps and seeping). Its the one type of eczema that isn't directly correlated to diet. Yet, I know what I know: When we eat better, we feel better.

I had to do something and staying on a steriod cream for the rest of my life was not a option I wanted to take. So I started down the homeopathic route. Chiropractic, acupunture, herbs. I ended up feeling like a sick person, when in reality, I was a sick person with a rash.

I knew wheat and dairy are inflammatory and that they weren't helping my body get rid of the rash. But cheese and crackers was my go to food. I didn't think I could live without them. Then some friends in the Healthy Living Revolution invited me to do a 10 day jump start. Could I go 10 days without wheat, dairy & sugar? I decided I could! I actually did it for 21 days straight. I also was flooding my body with fruit and vegetable capsules at the same time. And guess what? My rashes got better.

I would still flair up with stress, contact with any cleaning products (yes, even the natural ones). I thought it was as good as I could get. I managed it pretty well with witch hazel and coconut oil. Everything else, essential oils (even lavendar) made it worse.

Then last April the whole food nutrition company I have been partnered with for the last 19 years introduced an Omega product. Well, I had taken a fish oil 10 years before. It was suggested by the eye doctor for dry eyes with contacts. I hated burping fishy taste all day and quit pretty quickly. So when they said this was just plants and no fish, I was pretty excited. Then you add in the sustainability of a plant product over killing fish and the zero risk of heavy metals, it seemed like I had nothing to loose.

Remember how my body flared up with stress? Well, this past summer was super stressful. Building a house, selling a house, being "homeless" and living in a hotel for 6 weeks; just to name a few. NO FLARE UPS!!!

I am convinced. So I am going to keep taking this omega plant product. Maybe it can help someone you know that has skin issues. I hear Omega fatty acids help with brain health, skin, hair and nails as well. Our bodies are facinating. If you're ready to get started, here is where to find them:

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