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Better Breakfast Tips

Do you ever feel stuck in the typical breakfast rut of cereal and milk?

Breakfast can be in such a rush! How do you find the time to grab something that will start your day right, keep you going until lunch and get you there on time? It can be a challenge, but I've got some tips to make it easier.

Why not just skip breakfast? As the name implies, it breaks the fast from our sleeping hours. It signals the body it's time to wake up, the GI system that it's time to go to work. So what we eat for breakfast sets our metabolism and cravings for the rest of the day. Still not convinced? Did you know that when we don't get protein at breakfast the body steals calcium from the bones to manufacture it's own protein? Yikes, I'll pass on osteoporosis.

Are you ready for my top 5 better breakfast tips?

1. Smoothies. These little suckers are like the simplest way I know of to jam in a ton of fresh food in the mornings. Maybe you are in the habit of grabbing an Ensure or Slim Fast. I would encourage you to read the label and google the ingredients and make sure that's what you want to be feeding your body.

Okay, back to smoothies. Just grab the blender, add 8 ounces of any liquid (I tend to use plant milk or fruit juice) add your favorite protein powder (check out mine here) and some ice. Leave a comment if you would like to download a free recipe list for smoothies, protein bites and more.

2. Muffins and Bars. Make ahead is a great hack for a smooth morning. Homemade muffins are so yummy and satisfying and you can sneak in all manner of shredded veggies like zuchinni muffins and carrot muffins. Same thing with granola bars. Just find a basic recipe, add in some of your favorite dried fruit and nuts and voila! Hand held breakfast ready to go for the whole week.

3. Eggs.

This video just completely cracked me up and is the reason I love what I do. Seems like the media wants to make healthy eating complicated and the "rules" change with the trends!

But seriously, unless you have a diagnosed cholesterol issue, eggs are probably a quick source of protein and good fatty acids and so yummy in the mornings. You can do mini-quiches, egg cups in a muffin tin and so much more.

4. Grains and Toasts. If you're like me, toast was a staple at breakfast. So if you are accustomed to toast at breakfast, start where you are. Maybe you can move from manufactured white bread to whole wheat then on to homemade or sprouted breads. Or even look for breads that aren't made from wheat. A barley, rice, or other grain is a great choice. Then you can start rethinking your toast toppings. Banana and avocado is likely one you haven't tried that is so yummy and satisfying! Then you can go wild and do salmon and cream cheese!

5. Swap out your cereal. Maybe look for a cereal that has less than 12g of sugar per serving. It may be more of a challenge than you think! We love Cracklin Oat Bran, Cheerios, Rice Crispies are all name brands that work. Remember oatmeal? Did you know you can fix it in the crock pot the night before? Talk about a time saver! Also chia puddings are fun, both textures and ingredients.


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