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What is a Fork Fighter?

I believe the human body is created with a vast capacity to heal itself, when given the right nutrition and environment. That is not always as easy to do as it is to say.

So many times people have guilt or shame around the foods they eat (or don't eat) so I started my brand as "Inspired Health". Meaning that we focus on the good things we can do, not the things we cannot eat or do to support a healthy lifestyle. That phrase did very little to tell people what I am about and how I am trying to help people.

Recently I have become more focused that what we put on our fork is 80% of determining our health. Other lifestyle changes attribute for the other 20%. So, we are creating a tribe of people who are taking healthy back and fighting with our forks. The person who eats the most fruits and veggies wins. We can fight the disease trends in our culture. Let's help our kids' generation out live their parents! Let's do it one bite at a time. Join us at as we support one another. Hope you like the new logo!

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